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Urgent Need in Village

Somesh_familyFamilies with disabilities deserve to live the lives of dignity and self-worth that Christ has intended for them.

Houses in the villages have mostly mud walls and wooden roofs to keep cool during summer and warm during winter. Sadly, these houses are bound to cave in or collapse with high intensity rainfall. The able bodied families can to seek help and get their work done easily, but the people with disabilities continue to risk their lives, often feeling helpless and accepting their karma (fate).

The Equip Asia team experienced many such incidents of families with disabilities living in an abysmal state.

One such story broke our hearts:

Somesh, the only breadwinner in his family injured his back after a fall from an ox cart. With no proper post op care, he developed a disability in both his legs. He can walk a few steps within his village, with the help of a cane.

His wife has a visual impairment but does all the chores of the house. They have two children and due to unknown reasons, the children are affected with a mental disability.

Somesh’s sister stays with them to help take care of the household work and the children, who are completely dependent on someone for all the activities of daily living.

Poverty, lack of awareness and absolutely no help from anyone around them, means that this family has been living a life of hopelessness, anger and accepting their karma.

To add to Somesh’s agony, the house that the family lives in has caved in and is almost falling apart due to intense rainfall in the area. Hope seems bleak and life is extremely rough for Somesh and his family.

With so many needs and no proper source of income, the Equip Asia team is also praying and talking to the local leaders and the village council — sensitizing them to help this family to sustain and live a secure and dignified life.

The main leader of the council has come forward to help this family with their home. We continue to pray that his assurance will turn out to be a reality!

As the local leadership promises to help them build a house, we seek assistance to help them with household things and seed money for dairy farming.

Your generous help will uplift this family from serious danger and help them live a life of independence and dignity.


Independence Day 2018!

India celebrated its 72nd year of independence from British rule on August 15th. In the last 72 years, the country has progressed in every way: from economics to infrastructure, to commerce to industry to science and technology. The Indian government has made many efforts to alleviate poverty and ensure development through education, health, livelihood and empowerment programs.

But still that is just one side of the coin. The other side of progress is grave and the concern of the hour.

As Mahatma Gandhi said “India lives in its villages” and dreamed of India as an ideal society–to see the KINGDOM OF GOD in the villages of India. He said, “Sanitation is more important than independence; economic equality is the master-key to nonviolent independence.”

community_pict.jpgThe Equip Asia team, being the proud citizens of this great nation, work selflessly to reach out to the grassroots population in the rural villages of India. The 72-year-old Independent India still has people living in vicious bondage to blind belief in the caste system, as helpless victims of the proud and the powerful. The witch doctors still control the lives of people, not allowing them to experience the liberty and freedom intended by God for everyone.

Affluent high-caste families do not want to send their children to the child care centers (anganwadi) because the teachers are from low castes; they won’t even take food from a low caste person. Child labour, exploitation, abuse and trafficking continue to be the greatest evils in the villages.

One of the scariest things we’ve seen recently has been young village women believing that they are pregnant when they are not …only because a witch doctor told them. They were also told that they should not go to hospitals to scan or to check!!

Families with disabilities still lack attention and are often excluded from plans. Children and young women lack access to nutrition, health, learning and play. We stand in the 100th place in the global hunger index.

With all these alarming statistics, the scenario is no different in the villages that Equip Asia works in. Four out of 10 children are malnourished, diminishing their learning capacity and school, reducing their future earnings, and increasing their risk of chronic diseases. With all this, Equip Asia is striving hard against all odds to make the people and communities we work with feel accepted, safe and loved. We try our best to help them build a better life for themselves, their children and their families through trainings, education and livelihood initiatives for their holistic well being.

Equip Asia’s Inclusive Community Transformation (ICT) project in 43 villages has helped to bring down the rate of malnourishment drastically. Young mothers are happy to see their children develop in health. The families with disabilities are empowered through our initiatives. Equip Asia’s presence is helping these communities become more sensitive to the needs of their members with disabilities.

Follow-up_visitOur efforts to build and empower people with disabilities and HIV/AIDS and to safeguard the future generations from diseases and disabilities is just a drop in the bucket. We do not want to rest on our laurels but we want to strive harder to bring these special people to Christ, who can set them free.

Please join us in praying for the children, youth, families and communities we work with, and support us financially to bring the change and be the reason for their overall transformation.