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We need volunteers to conduct our operations. Here are some examples of how you can help:

Medical Assistance:

Skilled doctors, occupational therapists, and physical therapists are needed to provide training for Equip Asia’s rehabilitation team. We are also in need of medical professionals to work in our clinic to assess and treat individuals with disabilities.

Craftsman and individuals handy with tools are needed to assist in Equip Asia’s orthotic workshop to adjust wheelchairs and other orthotic items for those that need them.

Occupations suited for these needs include, but are not limited to: Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Physical Therapists, Medical Technicians, EMTs.

Socio-Economic Empowerment/Advocacy:

Counselors and leaders are needed to provide training regarding counseling, leadership, and human rights for those interested in reaching out to individuals with disabilities and/or HIV/AIDS in South Asia.

Volunteers are needed to sell handicrafts in the United States that are created by South Asians with disabilities and HIV/AIDS. A person or team with retail background is needed to set up an international (U.S. and South Asia) supply chain management system and marketing strategy for handicrafts.

Writers and those experienced in publication are needed to interview Equip Asia’s beneficiaries in South Asia and record their stories and testimonials of lives changed for publication, as well as to raise prayer and financial support for Equip Asia’s ministry in the USA.

Occupations suited for these needs include, but are not limited to: Counselors, youth leaders, business owners, those with a background in retail, marketing, or advertising, authors, editors, and those experienced with publishing.

Educational Empowerment:

Individuals with academic strength and teaching experience are needed to teach English to classes of individuals with disabilities. Tutors for all subjects are needed to assist children with disabilities in their coursework in South Asia.

Occupations suited for these needs include, but are not limited to: Teachers, tutors, guidance counselors, academic administrators.

Spiritual Healing:

Individuals with spiritual knowledge and ministry experience/missions experience are needed to help lead spiritual discipleship camps and rallies for young South Asians. They will lead daily devotions and spiritually counsel those struggling with disabilites.

Occupations suited for these needs include, but are not limited to: Ministers, pastors, youth ministers

IT/Computer Technical Assistance:

IT technicians are needed to set up computer systems and network infrastructure. They are also needed to maintain equipment and ensure effective communication between our staff in the United States and in South Asia

Occupations suited for these needs include, but are not limited to: IT Technicians, network technicians, and those experienced in networking, communications, and computer hardware maintenance.


Physical work is necessary to complete construction projects, painting, and performing other tasks.

Email us about volunteering in the United States or in South Asia

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