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One Woman’s Tragic Life with AIDS


“I don’t have faith in any gods,” Reginisays twenty-four-year-old Regini, who has been residing at the Equip Asia hostel for the last eight-month, undergoing Vocational Training.

Regini narrates her story.

When I was a three-month-old baby, my mother passed away. My father soon remarried an evil woman who would torture me while my father was outside working. My father worked in a lodge and spent his earnings on drinking alcohol.

I started to do all the household chores at the age of three.  My step-mother never loved me and stopped sending me to school but she allowed her own children to go to school. At the age of eight, I was sent out to work; ‘I worked as domestic help in four houses. The meager income was taken by my step-mother because she gave me food to eat.

As a young girl, I would work the whole day; I was alone and there was no one to help me. I was very helpless.

I grew up in the worst conditions.

At the age of seventeen my family members forced me to get married even though I was not interested. I convinced my family members against the marriage, but my step-mother was unwilling to change her decision and got me married.  My husband was infected with HIV and after three years of marriage my husband died leaving the disease to me.

I was planning to run away before my marriage; but my step-mother came to know about it. If I would have run away I would not have got HIV.

After my husband’s death I was sent back to my father’s home. My family refused to take me in the house because of the fear that I would pass the disease to them. My own grandmother hates me because I am infected with HIV and feels I will pass it on to her. My step brother and sister have continued studying and are getting a good education, but nobody even talks to me because of my disease.

My life has been full of misery, I hate myself.

When I came to know I have HIV, I started taking medicine regularly. I became so active and energetic, and my conscience started telling me I don’t have any disease.

As the days passed, I discontinued taking tablets. I became very sick and had to be hospitalized. At the hospital, a Christian nurse told me about Equip Asia.


Today, Regini is at the Equip Asia residential care. She has joined the Vocational Training (VT) course, but due to health problems, including severe chest pain, she is not able to concentrate on the training. Currently, Equip Asia staff members are regularly counseling her. She wants to finish her course and stand on her own two feet.  “I want to lead an independent life,” she says.

Please pray for Regini that she will recover completely and be able to live a normal life.