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News in Brief and Prayer Requests

News in Brief

Jessica Virk, from Seattle’s Philadelphia Church, visited the Equip Asia center from February 28 to March 3.

Jessica Virk

It was a great time getting to know her and her inspiring testimony. She gelled well with the Indian culture, people and the youth with disabilities at the center. She visited three of our target villages, helping her gather firsthand information about the work at the grassroot level. 

Even though language was a barrier, she could connect with their struggles and emotions. Jessica rejoiced with them in their newfound faith in Christ, in the holistic transformations in their lives, as well as in their families and communities.

Equip Asia also had lunch with Punjabi ladies who are secret believers, which was even more encouraging. It helped not only to understand their struggles of knowing Christ but also encouraged them to pray for each other that through the struggles, oppositions and rejections, Christ will be glorified.  

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the “Summer Camp” and “Vacation Courses” that will be conducted at the Equip Asia center in April and May for students with disabilities and/or their siblings for short-term courses in conversational English and basic computer use.
  2. Pray for the 9 new house churches established. Pray that they grow in word, prayer and deed, reflecting the beauty of Christ around them.
  3. Pray for good rains this year, as the communities we work with depend on rains for their income. 80% of them will be unemployed if the rains do not come on time.
  4. Pray for all our training and empowerment programs in 43 villages.
  5. Pray for all Equip Asia field staff, as they travel long distances in scorching summer heat. Pray for their good health, harmony and coordination among them.  


Marriage for All!

Here are some stories of how couples have broken through the stigma and discrimination surrounding disabilities to find love!

Nagappa and KasturiNagappa and Kasturi

This couple with disabilities fell in love. Despite opposition from their families and society–they belonged to different caste groups–they made the prayerful decision to get married with the assistance of Equip Asia leaders. Now they run a small restaurant and have two daughters who go to school!





Laxman and PremaLaxman and Prema

Again, people from different castes fell in love and got married! Now both Prema and Laxman work for Equip Asia, which organized their wedding.  They have a daughter in the 7th grade and a son in the 3rd grade!



Maheshwari and MartinMaheshwari and Martin

Martin and Maheshwari both have disabilities. While working together at Equip Asia, the staff’s prayerful intervention made it easier for both of their families to accept each other.





Sudha and GladwinSudha and Gladwin

A nursing student of Equip Asia married a Christian man. She continues to work as a nurse in a prestigious medical institution in the city.



Akkamma and ManjunathAkkamma and Manjunath

A nursing student and Equip Asia alum fell in love with a young man who worked for the government. They were married and now have two children, a girl and a boy.





Manju and KavitaManju and Kavita

Manju is an accountant at Equip Asia, while Kavita is a house church leader in a village.  Again with Equip Asia’s intervention with the families, they were married this year at the Equip Asia center.

When I met all the married alumni of Equip Asia at Manju and Kavita wedding, I was proud to see them evolve from being students and to see them up take up the roles of husband and father or wife and the mother – leading their household and influencing their families and communities with godly values. They all looked so mature and loved their spouses and children, providing and protecting them.  A brief talk with their spouses said it all: Equip Asia’s students were  reflections of the beauty of Christ to their families.

They continue to face challenges, like everybody else, but gather strength each day believing in the One who promised to manifest His strength during hard times. All of them said one thing in common: “If it was not for Equip Asia we would never have dreamed of a life like this. You taught us to dream and to work hard to achieve it, so here we are!” I am proud to even see them turn out to be donors for Equip Asia’s initiatives!

Their lives were truly inspiring and one thing was evident: love and marriage do not discriminate  — only people do!