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November News in Brief

House Church (2).jpgDisability day was observed by one local mainline church as “Equip Asia Sunday” on October 15.  A special time during the Sunday service was given to Equip Asia to present the work and the need for Church response.  It was a time of sharing the Great Commission, the Church’s response to taking the gospel to the unreached and the vision of Equip Asia among the people with disabilities and their communities. Two staff members (both with disabilities), previously served by Equip Asia, shared their testimonies on how Equip Asia’s intervention transformed their lives. The church took a special offering to support the Equip Asia ministry and a few individuals pledged to become regular donors.

Two new house churches were established in two different villages led by the youth leaders themselves.

A career guidance and personality development workshop was conducted at the Equip Asia Rehabilitation Centre on October 11. Thirty-eight youth with disabilities participated in this day-long workshop. Different sessions on goal setting, visions for the future, and personality development were conducted by our specially invited experts. Equip Asia alumni were invited to share their testimonies and challenged the youth to take up various career options available to them. The youth also enjoyed the games and the fun time and left the Centre with lots of conviction and encouragement.


Computer and Conversational English Graduation: seven boys and three girls graduated after successfully completing their four-month Computer and Conversational English course. “I can see amazing changes in my son’s life. He has become responsible, and by staying at the Equip Asia Centre, he has gotten a new zeal to study further and to become independent. I will be thankful to Equip Asia for bringing huge changes in his life,” says the mother of one of our graduates.

Wheelchair distribution at Christian Mission Hospital: A one-day camp was organized by a Christian Mission Hospital in partnership with the Equip Asia Rehabilitation Centre.  Nineteen persons with disability received thirteen customized wheelchairs and crutches. Prakash, our Equip Asia staff member, assisted in customization and also counselled the clients and parents for the first time during the wheelchair distribution. He says, “It was a time of joy and fulfilment for me as I saw children joyfully sitting on their wheel chairs with a beaming smile on their faces. It is a new found mobile vehicle for these children.”  18-year-old Megha’s mother was in tears of joy as she saw her daughter on a wheelchair for the first time. She said, “All these years I carried her on my back, which was very tiring, but now it is easy for me to take her to different places.”


Two new Sustainable Livelihood Groups (SLG) were established in two different villages in the month of October.

Position Opened For: We are looking for ESL and Preschool teachers, OTs , PTs, and Handicrafts volunteers.


Call for Support

NishaNisha is an 18-month-old baby girl who lives in a small village. She is born to a poor father who is a daily waged laborer and a mother who is a housewife. Her father works hard to take care of his family of three children.  Nisha was born blind.  To add to her woes, she suffers with multiple disabilities and does not have strength below the waist and so needs her mother’s constant attention. Her birth itself dismayed her family members; it was considered as a curse by the family and their village community.  

Adding to their poverty and debts, Nisha’s disability has worsened the family’s financial condition even more.  Due to poverty and lack of medical facilities in the village, they were unable to give her any medical care or nutrition. Because of this condition,  the child is getting weaker day by day. Her mother stays back at home to nourish her children, and especially Nisha as she is completely dependent on her mother while  her two other siblings go to school.  The doctors have advised a scan for further treatment, and they need money on a regular basis for checkup and medications. The whole family is desperate, eagerly waiting for helping hands to support them.

Looking at the condition of the child and the family, Equip Asia has taken the initiative to intervene and provide medical care and to also include child’s mother in sustainable livelihood group (SLG).  We are looking for sponsors to support Nisha’s medical needs to help her family.

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Menaka’s Success Story


MMenakaenaka comes from a small village. She was affected by polio at a very young age and lost the use of both her legs. She is presently a handicraft home worker for Equip Asia. At home she moves around by crawling on all fours, as her house is not suitable for using the wheelchair given to her by Equip Asia.

Though it is such a joy to talk to her, for her life is filled with laughter and joy, and she gives thanks to the Lord Jesus for being in her heart. In her own words, “I just have to ask Jesus in prayer and instantly I get answers. Jesus is everything to me. I do not know what I would do without Him.”

She was once filled with remorse and bitterness because of her disability, but after she came to Equip Asia and underwent training in tailoring and embroidery her life was totally changed. At one time she was confused and incapable of looking after her own needs. But, now, she is a major contributor to the family.
She has saved little by little, and very soon she will be able to buy a small piece of land and build her own house.

“Equip Asia,” she says, “has changed my whole outlook in life. I have become bold and confident. I am capable of taking care of myself and have the confidence that Jesus will never leave me or forsake me. Thank you, Equip Asia.”