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Answered Prayers and Prayer Requests



Glory be to God!

We thank and praise God for your prayers in upholding Laveena since we asked for prayers for her last month.

Read how God brought healing to Laveena

When Laveena was seriously ill with nobody to take care of her in her village,  Equip Asia staff intervened and prayed with her. She was unable to eat anything because of a problem in her throat and she was treated. Doctors discovered that her haemoglobin levels were very low and she needed special care. She stayed at Equip Asia’s Rehabilitation Centre for  three weeks and got regular treatment along with nutritious food. Now, she is able to eat well and her haemoglobin levels have increased to normal, healthy levels. Praise God!

Prayer Request:

  1. Pray for all house churches and their leaders – for the multiplication of house churches, God’s wisdom to all the Church leaders, God’s divine protection to overcome all the challenges that they are facing.
  2. Please pray for 38 people who have committed their lives to Christ at the Discipleship Camp.
  3. Pray for the Matthew 14 project, a local fundraising event to make and sell food packets in the local churches. Pray for a good response from the people. Pray for all the Equip Asia team involved in raising sponsors for the project.
  4. Pray for the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) department – for an urgent  need of a physical therapist  as  Unis, our current PT will be leaving soon.
  5. Pray for all the youth at Equip Asia Rehabilitation Center – to find mature hostel parents to oversee the youth dorm and to disciple, nurture, and mentor them as disciples of Christ. Also pray for good health, especially among HIV positive students who are on daily medication.


News in Brief

A Medical Assessment Camp organized by a local hospital helped Equip Asia to medically assess 110 patients, with 55 of them needing mobility aids while others needed orthosis, prosthesis, and hand splints.

9 Sustainable Livelihood Groups (SLGs) in 9 different villages were followed up with to ensure smooth running of the groups, to train them in bookkeeping, and to help them procure bank loans for business enterprises. These follow-up visits also helped the Equip Asia team to counsel them and share about Christ.

Door-to-Door Surveys with the objective of identifying people with disabilities and disabling conditions were carried out by the Equip Asia team in three new villages. A total of 100 people with disabilities were identified out of 683 households. All the identified people with disabilities lacked basic health and rehabilitation needs. Equip Asia will be considering  these new villages starting next year.

School Update


Hubballi International School (HIS)  celebrated the 70th year of Indian Independence on August 15th.  The program started off with flag hoisting, followed by cultural programs by the school children and the youth at Equip Asia residential facility. The cultural programs included patriotic songs that expressed the beauty of our nation and a costume competition that depicted different personalities of freedom fighters.

Colors for Kids Events: To teach children to understand how colorful God has created us and the significance of each color.

August – introduced the colour white.  It was filled with excitement and fun, as all the children and the teachers were dressed in white, the snack time had white goodies, and there were white rhymes, stories and games showing the significance of peace.


Call for Sponsorship



“HIV is just a three letters for me … nothing beyond that,” says Narendra, a young boy of 16 years with a beautiful smile on his face. Having HIV is considered as a curse in the society. Many people who are unaware of this disease and often consider its victims more worse than untouchables. Some in our society even commit suicide due to the mental trauma and the abusive words they hear. But meeting Narendra changed our thought pattern, because for him having been diagnosed with HIV doesn’t make much difference–it’s his greatest desire to live his life to the  fullest.

Even his parents and his brother are the victims of this deadly disease. With his whole family facing this situation, Narendra continues to look at life with boldness and courage. Narendra dropped out of school after he failed in one of the subjects in the 10th grade, but he wants to re-take his exams and then pursue higher education.

He was introduced to Equip Asia by his brother and now he is taking our basic computer course because he has great interest in computers. He even wants to continue his academics and set up his career. Most of us sometimes grumble and give up on our goals, Narendra never does. Even in the midst of all his ups and downs he is determined. “Equip Asia is helping me to step towards my goal,” he says.

With your sponsorship, Narendra will receive educational and health assistance. Your precious contribution and prayers will be a blessing in his life.

You can donate here and designate your donation for Narendra by including, “This is for Narendra from the September 2017 Newsletter” in the notes.


Sponsorship Success Story


“Equip Asia is unique. If not for Equip Asia, my life would have been wasted.”

Sandeep, 25, is an example of strong will and hard work. He was born healthy, but tragedy struck him at just nine months old. He was affected with polio that left him paralyzed in both his legs. He joined the local public school and was taken there on a cycle by his father every day. His keen desire to acquire knowledge helped him study with passion.

“Life was enjoyable and fun till the tenth grade.  It was after this that reality struck hard.  All my friends were able to join in other villages to pursue their education but I could not.  This was when I realized that I am DISABLED! My world became small; my close friends became distant and were involved in their own activities and new found friends. For two whole years I did nothing but moan about my disability and withdraw from relatives and visitors as much as possible, because I felt embarrassed as they showed pity. Life became a sorrow. ‘Why me?’ was a question frequently on my lips.”

“Then one day, a friend named Shrikant, told me about Equip Asia. I had never gone beyond my village, because of my disability. I made up my mind and gathered all my strength, crawled on my hands and legs that dirtied my clothes,” he says with an embarrassed smile. I joined the Computer and Spoken English [class] at Equip Asia center and got through with good scores.  This was a great encouragement for me.  Seeing my capability Equip Asia sponsored my studies.  I completed my 12th grade with good marks and even completed my Bachelors of Commerce with an overall average of 78% [a good score]. I traveled every day from the residential care facility to my college changing three buses. Many a time I would come back exhausted, but the zeal to prove myself drove me to overcome everyday challenges.”

“Life in the Equip Asia Rehabilitation centre not only taught me discipline but also to do my everyday chores by myself, without depending on others. At first I felt home sick. But then the atmosphere of brotherly love and encouragement shown by the staff enabled me to come out of my shell and make many friends. Equip Asia became my second home.  If it was not for Equip Asia, I would be sitting at home, doing nothing. The love and counseling I enjoyed here is beyond compare.

“Equip Asia not only catered to my educational and emotional needs but also sponsored my surgery. After the surgery, I am able to walk with a pair of crutches. Now, I no longer crawl but walk with confidence,” testifies Sandeep.

Sandeep aims to get a good job, earn and help the underprivileged–especially people with disabilities–gain the independence that he has achieved.

His transformation has left people in the village speechless as they marvel at his determination and applaud Equip Asia’s assistance to him. Sandeep has become a model to many youth in his community.


Discipleship Camp

It’s been another fulfilling month for Equip Asia with another Discipleship Training Camp, held from August 18 – 20 at Equip Asia Rehabilitation Center. This three-day camp included sessions on Truth about God, Sin, Salvation, Growing in Faith, and Discipleship.  We had 38 people with disabilities from the target villages attend the program. Equip Asia staff and local pastors were taught, guided, and helped to find answers themselves. Sessions on The Great Commission and How to Start a House Church helped them understand and obey the commandment, as many committed to stand as disciples of Christ and to be witnesses in their respective villages.
One young boy named Ramesh testified saying, “I had a great desire to know about Jesus Christ from my childhood and that desire was fulfilled in this camp.” Now, he has given his heart to the LORD!DT Camp.jpg