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News In Brief

Local Donor Intervention

Baily fly pic.JPG

Mrs. Gladys Ezekiel Baily is a longtime donor from India.  Here’s what she had to say:

“I am grateful to Equip Asia for giving me this opportunity to pen a few words about my association with them.

I am glad to say that Equip Asia is a very good organization. The directors and all the staff work with total dedication. Their work of recognizing and serving the persons with physical disabilities, speech and hearing impairment and HIV/AIDS is a very noble. I support this organization because I am deeply influenced by their work. The different trainings, like tailoring, embroidery, computer and also counseling, are in line with God’s word: ‘Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.‘ Therefore all the staff, administrators and the organization itself are all very dear to me. I pray that God would bless all of them abundantly.”  

Early Intervention Program:

We conducted screenings to detect disability at an early stage in two villages for children 0 to 5 years old.  A total of 791 children were screened, out of which 94 were identified to be undernourished.

This program was followed by a week-long training to teach new cooking, feeding, hygiene and caring practices to young mothers. After a week of being fed additional high-calorie foods, children became more energetic and visible changes in their weight not only resulted in improved caregiver confidence but also enhanced child growth and development.


Income Generation Training on making detergent powder and dishwashing powder was organized in  a village for 22 women and one man.

In another village, training on cattle rearing was given to 14 men and two women. These initiatives are becoming tools to empower the community with disabilities and/or their caregivers to earn an income.  

Ramp Construction: 37-year-old Basappa received a wheelchair from Equip Asia, and we were able to follow up by building a ramp to his house to enable him to move around independently.

Educational Assistance: 28 students with disabilities and/or HIV/AIDS received educational assistance in the form of fees, textbooks, notebooks and school bags.


Physical Medicine Rehabilitation: 19 people with disabilities received mobility aids, five were assisted financially to buy medicine for chronic ailments, and two children with speech and hearing impairments also received financial assistance to undergo speech therapy sessions.

Handicraft and Computer Training: 10 young women with disabilities completed their 8-month training in handicrafts and tailoring. All 10 received sewing machines they can use for self-employment.

20 students with disabilities also completed their basic and advanced computer training. All the students received a government-recognized certificate that will go a long way towards getting them jobs.

Hubballi International School (HIS):  We inaugurated our inclusive school initiated on June 5, 2017. 23 children enrolled for preschool and kindergarten! The children love to come to school as they get plenty of opportunities to learn from play.

There’s so much more of this story to tell … so check back with us next month to get the whole thing!



Devendrappa’s Story

Devendrappa, a 42-year-old gentleman, comes from a small village; he is married and has a 20-year-old son. Being illiterate, he was barely able to take care of his family’s expenses. But a few years ago he was struck with paralysis, and had to close his barbershop. 

All his savings were spent on his treatment. Things became so bad that his son, who was studying in the eighth grade at the time, had to quit school and work at the barbershop. His wife also had to take up petty jobs to supplement their income. With rising expenses, maintaining the shop became difficult, and soon Devendrappa started losing his customers.

With Equip Asia’s intervention and regular counseling, Devendrappa has made a comeback. He wants to refurbish his barbershop with modern equipment to attract more customers. For this, he is pursuing financial assistance from Equip Asia. This assistance will not only boost his confidence but will also allow his son to pursue his education.


Devandrappa didn’t want his picture taken, but scene from a nearby village can give you an idea of life in his village.


Update on Anusha



In May, we introduced you to Anusha, who has recently had cochlear implant surgery and speech therapy sessions. Good news: she has made huge progress! 

Anusha excelled on her school admission test and is starting first grade. Anusha is excited to go to school and this has brought smiles to her entire family.  Her mother’s tireless work during Anusha’s therapy sessions is helping her progress faster and faster with all her activities for daily living and communicating and her social skills. Anusha is surrounded with friends in the school who are so happy to hear her call their names! Her teacher shared that she is a smart girl in the class and picks up the lessons much faster than the other students!


Anusha (center) with some of her new friends!



20 Years of Inspiration, Empowerment and Abundant Life


This newsletter marks an exciting milestone for Equip Asia (EA): our 20th anniversary!  Over the last two decades, we have been able to witness God’s work in the lives of countless individuals with disabilities. 

To celebrate this victory and God’s faithfulness for two decades, the board and staff of EA organized a day of celebration on July 8, 2017 with all EA’s friends, well-wishers, prayer partners, donors and–not to forget–our very own people with disabilities. Over 600 people came to our Rehabilitation Centre to celebrate and rejoice with us.

Our students wowed the crowd by depicting the transformed life of one of EA alums through contemporary dance. Executive Director Elish Kanthi gave a commendable  20-year progress report, sharing our work with so many who have helped make it possible. This occasion was also a time to appreciate all our partners, donors, youth with disabilities and EA staff members who have given 15 years of selfless service to this ministry.

We were graced by special guest speakers, including the dynamic George Abraham, Founder and Chairman of the World Blind Cricket Council (WBCC), the Association for Cricket for Blind in India (ACDI), and the SCORE Foundation, New Delhi, and our own co-founder, Tim Swauger. It was the EA alumni who really stole the show, though, with their surprise presentation of Rs. 60000 cheque (nearly $1000 USD)! We were awed by their display of thankfulness, and their generosity to the next generation of Equip Asia’s clients.

Our 20 years of success is only a drop in the bucket, insufficient when compared to the huge need. Hence, not resting on our laurels, EA continues to look beyond to newer geographical areas and with newer strategies to reach out to many more people. so that, as Paul says, we can help bring as many as possible into His kingdom!