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Pastor Mathai’s Letter

Pastor Mathai runs a small church in a small town in Switzerland and is the founding director of Serving Hands. He writes:

My wife and I visited Equip Asia’s rehabilitation center in March 2017; we were very impressed by the work. They provide hope to so many people with disabilities as they provide rehabilitation and equip them to work and live as abled people through vocational job training. They continue to provide support when these people go back to their villages.

We were invited to visit one those villages Equip Asia has chosen to bring the transformation. As we entered this village, it looked almost deserted but soon I realized the men of the village had gone in search of jobs and women stayed inside with children as it was hot. Some went to collect firewood or queued up for water, as they get only eight pots of water every second day!

They showed me the dried-out water tank which the entire village depend up on; I was told it did not rain for two years. They have no water available in the village. I could not see any vegetables grown nor livestock, except a few goats given to few families by EA.

As I saw the heartbreaking conditions of the people, I made a decision to be partner with Equip Asia. There is so much to do, together we can make a difference!!!


Anusha is Able to Call me Mama



Six-year-old Anusha was born with speech and hearing impairment. Her father works on the small piece of land; her mother is a homemaker and looks after her and her younger brother.  Anusha’s mother first learned about her problem when she was six months old. She was so sad, wondering why God allowed this to happen in her daughter’s life. She did her best to keep Anusha happy and protected, but she shed silent tears whenever she saw her daughter play with her friends, unable to understand what they said.

“While all other children were enrolled in nursery, I couldn’t send her to school, and it breaks my heart,” says her mother tearfully. “Insinuating remarks from relatives made me cry and want to lash out at them.”  

A Community Outreach Team from Equip Asia  met Anusha and her mother during the needs assessment camp at her village, and they were told that she was profoundly deaf. After thorough examination, the team  recommended cochlear implant surgery, which EA was able to  support in December 2015.

A few months later, when the team made a casual visit to Anusha’s house, her mother greeted them with a smile and said, “Anusha is able to call me ‘Mama.’ I am the happiest and proudest mother in the village.”  Speech therapy, three days a week for one year, was part of the surgery package, and so Anusha has completed a whole year of therapy.   

Anusha has now picked up a lot of words and is able to talk to her parents and friends. Her mother is very dedicated and motivated–she will never give up on her daughter. She takes Anusha to all the programs conducted in the village. However, Akshatha has a long way to go to speak well. She needs to continue her speech therapy once a week for another year, which will cost $30 per month.

Equip Asia is planning to put Anusha into a regular school so she can communicate with her peers and teachers. To do this we have taken her into our sponsorship program, to help her access her educational needs, health care and proper nutrition.

Your sponsorship will help Anusha in improving speech therapy and general skills that would help make her dreams come true.