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News in Brief and US Events Calendar

  • A wheelchair distribution was conducted in partnership with a Mission hospital in a neighboring state. In total, 28 people received wheelchairs, walkers and crutches through this one-day event.

Wheelchair _distribution_option 1

  • Two Self Help Group (SHG) members from a nearby village were provided with a pair of goats as part of the Income Generation  Project. These goats have already started multiplying! Two of the four goats have delivered two calves each, which will be used to give away to the next person in the SHG.


  • Assessments were conducted on 183 children from 0-6 years old in another nearby village. Sadly, 31 children were found to be severely malnourished  per the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and thus prone to secondary complications like disability and disease. However, we have invited these children and their mothers to attend a five-day training program on nutrition.

Awarness_on_nutrition_food_for_mothers (1)

US Events

Saturday, April 1: “This is Love” concert benefiting Equip Asia at the United Presbyterian Church, Randolph, NY. Click here for more details.

May 11-13: Aruna speaking at Busti Church of God Women’s Retreat. Click here for more details.

Sunday, May 14: Mother’s Day concert benefiting Equip Asia at Busti Church of God, Busti, NY.

Saturday, June 3: 20th Anniversary of Equip Asia, 6pm at Levant Wesleyan Church gymnasium, Falconer, NY.   


A Local Donor’s Life is Changed


A local business person, “William” has been a partner, donor and advocate of Equip Asia’s Rehabilitation Centre for the past eight to ten years. He has visited the rehabilitation centre only once during this time, but his experience there has left a lasting impression upon him! He has not only motivated his wife but also his siblings and business friends and associates to donate towards Equip Asia’s ministry work.

Samuel expressed his appreciation of the ministry and said that while there were many non-profit organizations working towards the welfare of economically less privileged people, or working to share the Gospel; but, Equip Asia is the only non-profit organization to his knowledge, that not only works in the Lord’s vineyard but also works to bring a smile to the lives of the differently-abled and persons living under disabling conditions.

Even as he spoke he was overwhelmed with tears, and said, “This is how I am affected when I remember the work done by Equip Asia. No words can actually describe my joy and amazement when I recount the humility and love with which the staff at the Rehabilitation Centre work to transform the lives of our less privileged brothers and sisters. We ourselves quite often lose our patience in dealing with a disabled person in our family but the dedication with which the each staff work is exemplary.”

He went on to add that he deems it a blessing to be associated with Equip Asia and encouraged all present to not only give to Equip Asia wholeheartedly, but also to motivate their friends and relatives to do join hands in the Kingdom-building work. He expressed that he feels blessed to be able to support this holistic ministry!


A 6-year-old Girl Receives the Gift of Hearing

Krupa hears for the first time after implant surgery!

“I am very grateful to Equip Asia for helping Krupa get cochlear implant surgery. It is a blessing to my family,” says her mother.

After six years, Krupa is finally able to communicate with her mother! Her struggle to hear the people around her has inspired her family members.

Krupa, a six-year-old girl, Krupawas born with speech and hearing impairment. “She plays with her friends, but couldn’t hear,” explains her mother. “As a mother, I knew she had a hearing problem at six months old.” Her parents work in the fields and earn a meagre amount to take care of the family.

We met Krupa and her mother at a needs assessment camp in their village, where we were told that Krupa was profoundly deaf. After talking to her parents for a while, we gave them advice about Krupa ’s surgery, which Equip Asia was able to support.

A few months later, we made a casual visit to Krupa ’s house. “Krupa is able to call me ‘Mama,’” said her mother.  “I am a most happy and proud mother,”

Now, Krupa is able to pick up words accurately. Her mother is so dedicated and motivated, she wasn’t willing to give up on her daughter. She is so good about bringing her to all the programs conducted in their village.

Equip Asia’s Rehabilitation team is planning to put Krupa in a regular school so she can communicate with her peers and teachers.


Boy with Spina Bifida Needs Your Prayers and Help



Basava is 17 years old and full of life, but his childhood was tragically difficult, because of his birth defects. Born to a humble family in a small, he lived with his parents and an older sister….

His mother explained to us, “When he was born, he had a boil on his back, which seemed gruesome. The doctor said, ‘He needs to be operated on.’” The boil was a symptom of Spina Bifida, a type of abnormal development of the spinal cord. It also caused his head to grow unusually large. The doctors explained to his parents that fluid had accumulated in his brain. He needed surgery, but his parents couldn’t afford to get him the operation he needed.

Basava’s He has dulled sensations below his waist, and completely lost all feeling below his knees. He cannot walk and scoots to get around. The worst effect of his disability was that he doesn’t have control over his bowels and bladder. In spite of all these health odds, he continued his education till seventh grade.

But after that, the stigma of accidents in the classroom, and needing his mother to be with him, made him fearful of facing his friends. He dropped out of school.

Just last year, his father, who was his biggest support and closest friend, passed away after succumbing to a massive heart attack. His mother had no choice but to take up a job to help the family meet their daily needs.  Basava’s sister has also had to drop out to look for a job and support the family, though she had hoped to get a college education.

It is at this critical time of their life that Equip Asia’s field staff visited their family. With tears in her eyes, Basava’s mother narrated their plight.

“I want my brother to pick up computer skills and teach others too,” Basava’s sister shared with us.

Now, Basava’s dream is to open a smart phone repair shop to support his family. He has a knack for electronics and wants to get training in smartphone technology.

His Needs are:

  • Pursue his education through distance education: could be covered through sponsorship
  • Wheelchair
  • Counselling to the whole family and regular follow-up
  • Educational assistance for his sister
  • Smartphone repair training