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Blessing Camp at the Center

Blessing Camp.JPG
Our annual Blessing Camp for families and children affected with disabilities was held December 3-5, 2016 at our Centre. A total of 187 participants, including 34 children, participated in the camp.
Most of the  participants were from our Self Help Group (SHGs) in the villages we work in. The Blessing Camp is a platform for all the families from different villages and different castes to come together for fellowship. It’s purpose is to give the families an opportunity to discover the one true God take the responsibility of sharing God to their people group as families.
Topics covered included “Importance of Family and Marriage,” “Importance of Self Help Groups,” “Health and Hygiene,” and “Moral Values.” All the sessions were interactive allowing participants to ask questions and discover truths for themselves. Every day the participants had the opportunity to learn new songs about Christ.  We also had plenty of fun games, a video show, a talent show, a campfire, skits and more. It was so much fun!
“This camp has helped me to know who the real God of this universe is. I decided to give my life to Jesus,” says Smitha.
Twenty-two-year-old Smitha comes from a small village in our region. Because of her physical disability she became depressed. She had no peace.Our team invited her to the Blessing Camp and she attended with her mother. She had often heard about Jesus, but she thought that Jesus was a god only for Christians. But after attending the Blessing Camp she came to know why Jesus came to this world. She decided to give her life to Jesus. Smitha says, “I am very happy that I learned about human rights and attended Health and Hygiene trainings. I will try to practice what I have learned. “I want to pray for my family. And for the next camp I want to invite my other family members and friends,” she says. Praise God!


Wheelchair Distribution 2016

Wheelchair distribution held at the Rehabilitation Centre in December 2016
Our one-day wheelchair distribution turned out to be blessings, both for the beneficiaries and the volunteers involved in the program.
We distributed 21 wheelchairs, 4 walkers, nine sets of crutches and a cane to 35 persons with disabilities from our region and beyond. More than 100 people in attendance were touched by the story of Joni Eareckson Tada, as told by our volunteers. They were overjoyed with the aid they received and we are grateful for the provision of these mobility aids from Joni and Friends.
A few stories behind our recipients…
Sunil is a 16-year-old boy with a congenital syndrome. As he’s grown, he has lost control of limbs and is now bedridden. It used to be very difficult for his parents to carry him everywhere. We were able to give Sunil a paediatric wheelchair and do the necessary modifications to help him sit comfortably. The parents were also relieved and were happy. They also felt encouraged when the story of Joni was shared with them.
Vishala is a 6-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. Her parents are daily wage labourers. They could not leave her alone at home so it used to be a real problem to carry her to their daily work sites. Vishala received a small wheelchair, sized and customized just for her. Her father was so relieved!