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Nutrition Program 2016


Equip Asia ran a nutrition program in a village in South India, which identified 29 children as malnourished.  Equip Asia worked with their mothers to teach them how to prevent malnutrition-caused disabling conditions and to show them how to cook nutritious meals with easily-found ingredients.  

After a general screening of 147 children, 29 children were identified as underweight and malnourished in a way that could lead to disabling conditions.

To prevent children from reaching this state, a one-day session was conducted by the local team to teach mothers about malnutrition. In this session, mothers were asked to share their concerns about their children.  Eleven of them expressed concern about being able to afford to take care of their children if they became ill.

An activity-based interactive session demonstrated that most of the illnesses mentioned could be prevented at home for just a few pennies.  All of the 22 mothers who had gathered there learned home-based care to protect their children from illnesses.

To learn more about good food, another five-day program was conducted in in the same village. During these five days, mothers learned the nutritive values of different foods that were locally available and how it was important to give nutritious food to the children. 

One mother testified, ”My son cried all the time, and I hardly slept because of him. I’ve been to the doctors, and they would give him some medicine, which he never liked, and he would throw up all the medicine.  But during these five days that I’ve been coming here, my son has been eating all the food that we made here; he played well and even slept through the night.  After two years, I’ve slept in peace.”


Computer Training Graduation 2016


Equip Asia presented nine more graduates of the Computer Training Program at the Rehabilitation Center this past month.  One of the recent graduates shared his incredible story.

Arjun, a 28-year-old man, had polio and was left unable to walk unsupported.  He currently uses a wheelchair for his mobility.

He has never been to school.  He learned to read and write with the help of his friends who taught him after school hours.   Arjun spent his years doing nothing in the village, because he didn’t believe he could go to school and felt he was useless.

Through much counselling, Arjun was recruited to the Equip Asia hostel and given a tailored rehabilitation plan.  With his little knowledge of reading and writing, the team thought teaching him to type would be best.  He showed immense progress in this, so the team made the training harder and included basic computer concepts.  Again, Arjun excelled.

He came back to learn Desktop Publisher for six more months and mastered it easily, creating beautiful designs that marveled the team.

Arjun wants to start a business in his village with these new skills, and to begin a career in computer designing.  Equip Asia continues to advocate for him.


Discipleship Camp 2016


Testimony from one of the members of the Equip Asia Team in India:

“It gives me great joy to share about the discipleship camp held on October 21 – 23 at the Rehabilitation Centre.  The core objective of the camp is to see our youth become disciples of Jesus Christ.   Forty-seven young people participated in this program and for many it was their first time.  This camp was for the youth who were interested in knowing more about Christ.  The main topics covered in the three days were Truth about God, Sin and Salvation, Growing in Christ, and Discipleship and the Great Commandment.

This camp included group Bible study, a skit, and question and answer sessions on discipleship.  Many youth had doubt in their minds, but all doubts were discussed and addressed.

On the final day, 19 youth came forward to be baptised as an act of obedience and share their experience about the discipleship camp.

Priya, a sixteen-year-old girl whose father lives with paralysis, said this about the camp, ‘I have learnt more about Jesus in the camp.  I want to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, and I also want to share about Jesus to others.'”


Wheels for the World 2016, North India

The Wheelchair Distribution (WCD) in North India was a successful partnership between the Wheels for the World team, the Equip Asia team, and the Broadwell Christian Hospital team.

The number of mobility aids distributed and people reached through the gospel are as follows:

  •      190 wheelchairs
  •      30 walkers                                   
  •      60 crutches
  •      09 canes

At least 634 people heard the gospel for the first time through the sharing of Joni Eareckson Tada’s story.


This distribution saw many creative ideas flow as the wheelchairs were customized according to the particular needs of each individual, like in the story of Asif and Nagaraj.

Asif and Nagaraj, two brothers who came to the WCD, were both born with Dwarfism.

Their mother passed away from an unknown disease, leaving these children to the care of their father.  Caring for the two brothers has been a daily struggle for him. The situation has forced the children to beg at times to sustain themselves.

Mobility was a great concern to their father.  Asif could walk a little, but Nagaraj could only crawl, so their father had to carry them most of the time.  During the WCD, the team customized specialized wheelchairs according to their specific needs and provided them with a new means of mobility.

The team said it was great to see both of the brothers seated above the ground and propelling the wheelchairs on their own. Their father was incredibly overwhelmed to see this transformation.